How to choose the best e-liquid?

You have seen this e-liquid with a flawless label and a promising description and have decided to buy it. You got home, you overhauled your syringe, you loaded the tank, you tried … and no. I do not go. You expected something different. Another thing.

You kept trying, you gave him some leeway to see if you found something you liked, but no. you didn’t find it. And we know that the bottle of liquid ends up being given away or, if you’re not so lucky, it ends up in that crate full of unfinished bottles. The old and little-noticed nail box. The graveyard of e-liquids you didn’t like.

The vaper who claims not to have experienced this is lying. It has happened to all of us, yet it is often not the fault of the liquid. The liquid is good. That’s why you’ve read and heard so many people … Read the rest