Modern Minimalist Kitchen Model, Simple and Beautiful

Modern minimalist kitchen design is now the dream of many people because it looks simple but looks beautiful and elegant. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, it will actually make your cooking atmosphere much more enjoyable.

Yup, especially if your kitchen is also used as a family dining area, the moment of eating together will feel even more enjoyable. For that, let’s look at the 14 latest modern minimalist kitchen models that you can make the following choices!

Modern minimalist kitchen inspiration
Confused about organizing your kitchen space to make it look beautiful, elegant and luxurious? Check out the following collection of the latest modern minimalist kitchen models.

1. Neutral & elegant
Many people think that dark colors will make the room feel boring. Make no mistake, the combination of black, brown, and a little touch of white furniture can actually make your kitchen look elegant. Don’t hesitate to play with colors because the key is to find the right mix and balance.

2. Industrial
Industrial is an example of a modern luxury minimalist kitchen that combines design aesthetics and practicality into one. Generally, this concept uses black colors and red bricks in the interior. With a luxurious and modern atmosphere, industrial design will be perfect for millennials.

3. Scandinavian
Another modern minimalist kitchen inspiration is Scandinavian. This is a design style that presents a simple kitchen set concept by incorporating black, white, and greenery. In addition, there are also chandeliers and woods as typical scandinavian-style decorations.

4. Colorful
If you are a lover of bright colors, try combining them into a colorful concept that gives an interesting and fun impression. Yup, for some people a plain design might be quite boring, right?

Therefore, use a variety of colors and wall motifs according to taste. Then, give a touch of white and wood to still bring a minimalist accent to your kitchen.

5. Compact and bright
The latest modern minimalist kitchen model that you can make a choice is compact and bright. This design prioritizes interiors with functional properties, so it avoids too much use of goods.

Through proper arrangement and selection of furniture, your kitchen will feel more spacious and bright because it has enough lighting from lights and windows.

6. Skylight
Still the same as before, the skylight concept relies on lighting as the main key to its design. By applying this latest modern minimalist kitchen model, you will get the maximum bright feel and feel spacious.

In fact, not only does it make your kitchen seem more spacious, natural lighting can also help reduce humidity in the room to kill various bacteria.

7. Marble
If you want a luxurious and elegant modern minimalist kitchen design, try dressing it with gray or black marble. This element will bring a minimalist and futuristic accent to the kitchen space. Then don’t forget to complement it with white or black colored materials as supporting decorations.