Minimalist and Aesthetic Front Porch Ceramic Motifs

The terrace is the face of the homeowner. Therefore, it is important to decorate the terrace so that it is beautiful and comfortable. One of the important things that should not be missed when decorating a terrace is choosing a motif for terrace ceramics.

Although often overlooked, the fact is that front porch floor tiles can add to the aesthetics of the ‘face’ of the house, even though the motifs and designs don’t look like the luxury homes that often appear on television.

There are many motifs to choose from, ranging from plain to pictorial or patterned. For yourself, what kind of front porch tile do you like? If you don’t have an idea, the minimalist front porch tile motifs below can be the right reference for you!

1. Ceramic porch in black color
On this all black themed terrace floor, you can use rough ceramics made of marble or other natural rocks. The simple and cool impression will be more pronounced if you want to combine it with rocks or synthetic grass carpets placed around it. Because the color is dark, this motif is also suitable for use as ceramics for the garage.

2. Palimanan stone motif patio tiles for a more natural and minimalist look
Besides being used in the bathroom, the palimanan stone motif is also suitable for use as front of house ceramics. Thanks to the use of these tiles, the terrace area of the house feels more natural and natural, making you feel at home.

To enhance the appearance of the terrace, you can place wooden terrace chairs so that the warm element is more pronounced. Wow, this is the perfect place for afternoon tea.

3. The use of wood motif terrace ceramics can give a warm impression in the front area of the house
When viewed from the color, at first glance this wood motif is similar to natural stone, but different in texture and strokes. Even so, the two are often juxtaposed to decorate the front porch of the house to make it look more natural.

Recently, wood motif ceramics have also begun to be looked at to be used as the bedroom floor. They say it makes the room feel calmer and warmer.

4. So that the appearance of black ceramics in your home is not monotonous, try combining it with other colors so that the concept becomes monochrome like this
This monochrome front porch ceramic motif can make the ‘face’ of the house look a little different. Because it tends to be unique, guests will usually compliment your terrace area or take pictures there. Especially if you put some beautiful ornamental plants around it. Suddenly it becomes a selfie spot instead.

5. Classic ceramic motif
A classically designed house certainly doesn’t fit if the terrace ceramics use modern motifs. So, if the design of your house is simple and old school, it’s better to use minimalist terrace tiles with a slightly brownish color. The use of this color can make the house seem warmer and look attractive to look at.