Little things that keep your house tidy without cleaning every week

A tidy house is certainly the dream of all its inhabitants. Besides being pleasing to the eye, a tidy house also makes us comfortable doing activities. The problem is, most people are often reluctant to clean up their homes. Not to mention if you’re busy every day.

Instead of scheduling a day off to clean up the house, you can really condition your house to stay neat. Here are some habits that you should always do so that the house is always neat and comfortable to live in.

1. After waking up, try to always make your bed. To make it easier, choose sheets that are not layered. Don’t use a lot of pillows on your mattress if you don’t want to have to clean it up.

2. Start getting used to putting things back in their place after use.

3. Clean the kitchen area immediately after cooking. If you’re in a hurry, you can also wipe the stove to prevent the oil from crusting.

4. Wash dirty dishes immediately after eating to prevent the buildup of bacteria, as well as to prevent laziness when there are already a lot of them.

5. Wash your clothes at least once every two days, don’t wait until more than a week and accumulate a lot. It’s definitely lazy!

6. Bathrooms that are rarely cleaned make the floor slippery. To avoid slipping and becoming a hard-to-remove crust, wipe your bathroom after every shower.

7. So that the floor doesn’t get dirty often and grow disease-causing bacteria, take off your shoes every time you enter the house!

8. Take out the trash regularly every day. Waiting for it to accumulate makes it stink and makes you even lazier to throw it away.

9. Routinely sort important documents so that they are not scattered and confused when looking for what you need. Put them in folders that you have qualified, for example shopping vouchers with education documents.

10. Get used to the one touch method. This method encourages us to tidy up or clean things immediately after touching an object.

The things above may seem simple, but if you really apply them well and regularly, it can make your house look neat and clean! Not only yourself, you can also teach this habit to other residents of the house so that both feel comfortable and not burdened.