Latest Minimalist & Multifunctional Home Door Design

Nowadays, minimalist houses are very popular with many people and have even become a trend. In addition to its timeless design, its simple yet elegant form has its own charm for everyone. Moreover, it is identical to a small but quality furniture that makes minimalist home design also an option to save money.

However, sometimes because they are fixated on the same shape and color, homeowners often feel confused about determining the right furniture decoration that is modern but also does not lose its characteristics, especially in choosing a door design.

1. Bypass or sliding door design
Also called bypass doors, sliding doors are often the choice of many people as a complement to home furniture. Without having to swing back and forth like a door in general, bypass doors do not take up space because they open by sliding to the right and left. Usually this sliding door model will be accompanied by a mounting frame or installed using a hanging system to make it easier to slide the door freely.

This sliding door also has many shapes and has many sizes, which makes this door an option for the front door of the house or room though. Usually this type of door can be used for offices, cabinets or storage rooms.

2. Minimalist house door design folding or bifold shape
In addition to its modern model, folding or bifold doors can be used for any place in the house. Generally there are various types of folding doors, such as 2, 3, 4 folding door models that are suitable as a barrier between the house and the garden.

The choice of doors with glass also gives a spacious and bright impression because sunlight can enter directly into the house and create conditions where the room seems directly connected to the yard.

3. House door design, 2 door ‘pocket door’
Almost the same as the sliding door model, but the difference is that after sliding the door will go inside the wall and look “hiding”. This concept is very efficient for houses that are not too spacious. You need to know that the pocket door has a rolling track inside the wall which certainly saves space and does not interfere with movement. The pocket door architectural style can be used for 2 doors or one door.

The way to open it is also easy, just apply it to the bedroom or the connecting door between the kitchen and dining room and, yup! You’ve got a minimalist and space-saving impression.

4. Elegant minimalist door model
This one door design is actually very suitable for a spacious room and seems still airy. Because to open this door itself requires a maximum space of 180-360 degrees of rotation. Including one of the new and contemporary door models, to find this type is also quite rare, meaning you need to make a special order.

Unlike the hinge door that is held on the side, the pivot door opens on a hinge that is held in the center of the top and bottom sides. When pressed, this door will open on both sides just like the doors in those malls!

5. Panel type luxury house door design
This type of door is simple in shape but can still produce a minimalist impression on the house. This type of door is flexible and the model can always keep up with the times, the price is also affordable. But you need to pay attention to the colors and materials used. Try to choose colors like white, black, or brown so that the impression displayed remains minimalist and neutral.

6. 1 door house design & Hinge door
Usually hinge doors are often used for installation in rooms or kitchens that use the concept of swinging to open and close. Hinge doors are the most common room doors that we encounter with various materials that line the door such as wood, glass, vinyl or board. This type of door can also be used as an industrial door design.

To make the house seem minimalist, you can use plain motifs or stripes with one color. For example, your walls are white, it is better to choose a single door hinge door that is black and coated with vinyl, so that the door seems more luxurious.

7. Multifunctional home door design
Don’t want to be wasteful but want to have a door that has two functions at once? Then the dutch door is the answer. Still using the side hinge concept, the dutch door model consists of two panels (top and bottom) so that the door can be opened only in one part. This door is suitable to be placed at the front of the house or as a barrier between other rooms and the kitchen.

For size, both door panels can be adjusted, either small below or vice versa. Likewise with the material, for example you prefer aluminum, glass at the top or wood is also not a problem.

Well, the 7 minimalist and multifunctional door designs mentioned above are indeed unique, but of course it all comes back to each person’s taste and budget. Which one do you prefer?