How to Decorate Your Home Like Christmas in Spain?

Christmas makes every home look cheerier and lighter, and Spanish homes are no exception. See what a Spanish home might look like over the holiday season. At the same time, Spain adopted a few English. They nevertheless adhere to their holiday decorations. For example, displaying a nativity scene or Belén de Navidad is common practice for Galicia on Christmas or a traditional Spanish Christmas.

The interior space

Every interior room in Spain adopted this practice of porches surrounding the home. Large windows and a sliding door in the living area contribute to the room’s natural lighting. For the proper lighting or decor, you can get ideas from stores like Amazon or MediaMarkt. The interior courtyard is the homeowners’ favorite space. It is a fantastic light source, excellent and shaded in the summer, and wind-protected the rest of the year. Unsurprisingly, many Spanish-style homes contain lovely ceramic items in earthy colors and neutral tones because Spain has a long history of producing pottery.

Christmas tree

The belén, a nativity scene seen in the windows of homes around the town, is one of the critical characteristics of Christmas in Spain. Additionally, the nativity scene setup is one of the most awaited events in the run-up to the holiday season. Furthermore, it has traditionally been something that the entire family creates together. Furthermore, the most well-known emblem of Christmas worldwide are the tall, green trees that now adorn our homes each winter. For millennia in European and North African cultures, they used evergreen trees. However, German Christians invented the contemporary Christmas tree in the sixteenth century. From then, it expanded to most European nations, including Spain, where most homes today have a festive, colorful tree. Moreover, many Spanish homes decorate the tree with various ornaments, including traditional glass balls, tinsel, and lights. Furthermore, you can add Spanish-themed decorations, such as miniature bullfighters or flamenco dancers, to give your tree a unique twist.

Nativity Scene

We’ve all seen large manger scenes or Nativity plays in public places or retail malls, but Spanish people have smaller versions they use to adorn their homes. The classic biblical figures, including Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the Three Wise Men, the angel, and the shepherds, and some novel additions, such as tradespeople and Roman soldiers, are all represented. Although the last one appears to be more celebratory, Catalonia, Valencia, and the surrounding regions. “Spain’s religious heritage is deeply rooted in Catholicism. Consequently, the nativity scene, a miniature replica of the stable where Jesus was born, is prominently displayed in many homes. To create your belén, you can use small figurines and a stable made of clay or wood or purchase a pre-made set.”

They frequently host parties using a floral centrepiece. Grapes, figs, hydrangeas, and roses are in a vintage tureen. Place the diner’s initial on a box that hangs from the back of the chair and cutlery in unique sackcloth bags. The holiday season is a fantastic time to liven up your home decor.

In conclusion, the Spanish love decorating their homes’ interiors, displaying nativity scenes, and experiencing religious ceremonies over Christmas.