How to choose the best e-liquid?

You have seen this e-liquid with a flawless label and a promising description and have decided to buy it. You got home, you overhauled your syringe, you loaded the tank, you tried … and no. I do not go. You expected something different. Another thing.

You kept trying, you gave him some leeway to see if you found something you liked, but no. you didn’t find it. And we know that the bottle of liquid ends up being given away or, if you’re not so lucky, it ends up in that crate full of unfinished bottles. The old and little-noticed nail box. The graveyard of e-liquids you didn’t like.

The vaper who claims not to have experienced this is lying. It has happened to all of us, yet it is often not the fault of the liquid. The liquid is good. That’s why you’ve read and heard so many people recommend it.

It is a question of expectations. Let’s take a look at this at each stage: from beginner to elite vaper.

How do I choose my first e-liquid to vape?

Every day we get inquiries from new vapers looking for an experience similar to a traditional cigarette. That special taste. And we understand them. They are looking for something that is as similar to cigarettes as possible but less harmful.

If you feel you need something similar to cigarettes, go this route. Afterward, you will probably be curious to try e-liquids or fruit desserts, or even new tobacco products but with different shades than traditional cigarettes. Do not hurry. Everyone’s taste is different and the choice of the best e-liquid is completely subjective.

Expectation vs. Reality

Now back to expectations, whether you’ve been trying to quit smoking or have been vaping for a while and want to try new flavors, we want to help you keep your E-liquide graveyard empty. As we have already mentioned, every palate is a world. The notes that a person perceives from an e-liquid are not necessarily perceived by another person. Or maybe yes, but not in the same way or with the same intensity.

Therefore, it is very difficult to trust the descriptions. These serve as a guide. They create a relationship, but also expectations that often fall short of the subjectivity of the respective palate. To play it safe and keep your e-liquid graveyard clean, it’s best to try before you buy any e-liquid.

We know that in our country it is not always possible to try an e-liquid. There are practically no shops open on the street and, of the few that exist, almost none have liquid testers like in other countries. Especially in these times of extreme health protocols. But we can always turn to vapers or vaper friends to swap liquids, try new varieties, and then shop, knowing we’ll be vaping every last drop of that bottle.

Or better yet, we can turn to taste kits, which usually consist of 10ml samples of different e-liquids, so we can see which ones we like and which ones we don’t like without having to buy a 60ml or 120ml waste bottle.

The misfortune of being stuck with an imported e-liquid.

Historically, in our country, it is mistakenly believed that imported liquids are infinitely richer than national liquids. And to understand this, we need to distinguish GOOD from RICH and BAD from BAD.

Whether an e-liquid is good or bad depends on how it’s done. From the conditions in which they are produced, from the quality of the raw material to the shape and times of homogenization. When looking for a good liquid, focus on the production methods. The safer the process, the better the result.

In summary…

The only way to keep your e-liquid graveyard empty is to try before you buy. We know that trying e-liquids in our country is not an easy task, but you can always resort to vaping meetings and swap liquids with friends to try.