Home Feng Shui that makes your home comfortable and prosperous

Everyone certainly wants a comfortable home to live in. This comfort usually boils down to harmonious relationships and also physical and mental health for the residents of the house. As we know, comfort can be sought, one of which is using the ancient science from China, namely feng shui.

Feng shui itself means regulating the balance of important elements in human life. As the name implies, feng (wind) and shui (water), these two are the most important elements and should not be ignored. This ancient science is very popular as a basis for home arrangement, in order to create a balanced life for the residents of the house. What is the feng shui of a house that makes it comfortable and can even bring sustenance?

1. In the world of feng shui, houses facing north and south are believed to bring the most luck

In feng shui calculations, houses facing south and north have more advantages than others. The luck is in the form of positive energy that enters and is felt by all residents of the house. Another advantage is that the residents of the house can get a balanced supply of sunlight. No need to feel hot every morning like a house facing east, and every afternoon like a house facing west.

However, this does not mean that the direction of the house other than south and north is always bad. Feng shui for houses facing east is synonymous with good luck in the health sector. In addition, the Feng shui of a west-facing house represents family luck, offspring, and children’s luck, suitable for couples who want offspring. Feng shui for a northwest-facing house means help from the sky, leadership, authority, influence, family strength, and work.

2. Large open spaces, sort well and don’t have a lot of unnecessary items

An open communal space is a must-have in a house, it should not have furniture that is not too important for its function. This room is preferably close to the main door just like the living room. Make sure that the items are well sorted and organized in a minimalist manner.

With this open space, the flow of sustenance and new energy is greater and wider. An open space forms a good energy for sustenance, and good luck will come and stay in your home. The important point is to provide an open space, even if the house is not too large, this can also be an application of small house feng shui.

3. It is believed to bring positive energy, so it is mandatory to place glass or mirrors in the room

Glass or mirrors are believed to be carriers of positive energy in feng shui which is believed to be a magnet for sustenance and good fortune. Glass and mirrors are also said to bring light and happiness and support ‘water’ energy. In feng shui, flowing water is closely related to the sustenance flowing from the occupants of the house. The placement is of course in the living room or living room, even in the room.

4. Try not to build the room in the garage or too close to the kitchen, noise can interfere with rest time.

Avoid building rooms close to the garage, the noise will be heard from the garage to the bedroom. Also avoid building rooms near or opposite the kitchen. This bad home feng shui is believed to damage the harmony of husband-wife relationships and family luck. Actually, this still makes sense considering the heat from the stove and the sound of cooking can be a source of noise.

To make the room more comfortable, there is nothing wrong with providing fresh flowers as a display. This is believed to eliminate the feeling of stuffiness and discomfort.

5. The center of prosperity and well-being, the colors in the kitchen also need to be adjusted.

The kitchen, according to home feng shui is one of the centers or hearts of the house which is believed to bring prosperity and well-being. However, avoid building the kitchen in the center of the house because the smoke and heat from the stove fire can reach everywhere.

For the position of the kitchen located in the western area of the house, then use fire colors such as red, yellow, and orange. If the kitchen is in the south then the combination of hot colors from the fire element is the best recommendation. If the kitchen is in the north then use cool colors such as blue, navy, gray, black, and white. Meanwhile, if it is in the east, then a kitchen with a natural theme is the right design.

6. Playing a role in maintaining the harmony of the house, the arrangement of the stairs must also be considered

The staircase, according to feng shui, not only serves as a link between the two floors, but also affects the harmony of the family. Make sure the number of steps is a multiple of five plus one or two. In addition, do not place the stairs in the living room because it can reduce harmony and make privacy less secure. Also, don’t place the stairs in the middle of the room, as it can interfere with activity and movement. Most importantly, make sure the stairs are not steep and safe.

7. The bathroom should be leak-free and well-maintained

Ensuring that the bathroom is well maintained and leak-free is very important in the world of feng shui. It is believed that this is very much related to the sustenance of the residents. Meanwhile, damage such as dead lights, leaking water, and other damage to the bathroom adversely affects the balance of yin and yang. Therefore, the bathroom must be kept clean and proper.

These are some of the house feng shui rules that can be taken into consideration when buying a house or arranging a house. Balance is important, so it doesn’t hurt to find out a lot, either through home feng shui books or other literature. Happy housekeeping!