Design Inspiration & One-Story Minimalist House Plan

Many of you may be planning to build a one-story minimalist house. Whether you live alone or with a small family, you certainly need some inspiration for the right minimalist house plan and design, right?

Starting from inspirations that lean modern to elegant nuances. Each can be used as an option to apply it specifically or combine several ideas for your minimalist home.

1. Modern minimalism
Following the development of an increasingly modern era, it is not strange if you crave a home interior design that is no less modern. For this reason, the house plan can highlight the strict division of rooms and the right choice of colors.

For example, you don’t need to divide the room with random lines and make sure, bold basic colors are chosen as dominance. Don’t forget to emphasize the concept of a mini bar in the kitchen and dining room so that the modern feel is even clearer.

2. Clean interior
Arguably, a single-storey house with a minimalist concept is quite compact. As a result, the effect of claustrophobia and clutter in the rooms can occur due to the presence of too much furniture as well as the movement of people themselves.

Therefore, you should choose a clean interior concept that divides the rooms specifically. Not to forget, the dominance of light and soft colors chosen can also minimize the crowded and claustrophobic effects that may occur.

3. Elegant semi-rustic
Not a few of you certainly crave a minimalist home with a natural hommie effect. For this reason, you are quite interested in elegant interior design through a combination of colors that are highlighted along with furniture.

Well, to realize it, you can choose a semi-rustic design. The reason is, this design uses wood elements and earthy tone colors that bring a rustic feel to your minimalist home. In addition, just pin the greenery!

4. Korean wood interior design
As the Hallyu Wave grows in popularity, many people are drawn to the interior design of South Korean homes. So are you, craving for a single-storey house with a Korean-style design that is quite special.

Starting from the characteristic wooden floor that is highlighted and harmonized with modern furniture of the same color. Until the entrance room to put slippers and shoes before entering the living room. All of this will give a unique impression to your home.

5. Open design
As you know, a one-story minimalist house that carries a minimalist concept gives a spacious and open effect. This is very important to apply as a single-story house can be said to be quite dense and crowded.

Therefore, in choosing a minimalist house plan design, you can use glass doors. The reason is, the more glass in your house, the easier it is for light to enter so that the spacious effect is felt instantly.

6. Futuristic labyrinth room
The application of modern minimalist home design is future-oriented, not necessarily with strange ornaments or feels like on another planet. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom house plan looks like something out of the future with its curved seating and walls in the large living room, modern kitchen, large contemporary bathroom with bath tub, and luxurious hardwood details in the master bedroom and wardrobe. Very unique!

7. All about the chic square partition
Still with a one-story, one-room minimalist house plan and design, this design is perfect for introverts or new couples, who love spending time together or cooking. The spacious kitchen space feels balanced with the spacious living room and terrace. Not to forget, the clothes room itself so that it does not take up space for placing cabinets, to a small space for a variety of tools or a small warehouse. Cool, yes!

So, which 1-story minimalist house design and floor plan will you choose?