Cheap Minimalist House Fence Design for Your Tiny Palace

The existence of a fence is identical to a large house and a large yard. Even though it not only protects, the fence also functions as an aesthetic that makes the house look more attractive. Even though you’ve just bought a small house, it doesn’t mean it’s not suitable to add a fence to beautify and also provide privacy space for you and your family.

Relax, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a fancy iron fence. Try the following cheap and decorative minimalist home fence designs.

1. A simple fence design using wooden slats painted white gives a bright color to the whole house. Usually made short just like houses in the countryside.

2. The combination of wood and large diameter wire can also be used as inspiration for a minimalist house fence. It’s okay to be seen from the outside as long as it can be a barrier.

3. Utilizing natural rocks as a fence is a unique idea, the cost is very affordable. All you have to do is stack the rocks starting from a large one into a solid foundation.

4. With a fence in the form of bamboo slats lined up equally in distance and height, your house will look beautiful like in Japan there, cheap too.

5. If you have enough money, using a wooden fence that is worked neatly and precisely like this will make it easier for you to install it.

6. Especially with the accent of the vent at the top like this. Neat but also very aesthetic.

7. Want something even more beautiful? Use a split bamboo or wooden fence and add vines or creepers that will enhance the boundary of your house.

8. It’s okay to use leftover zinc to add wood material to your yard fence. After all, it becomes solid and not inferior to the minimalist iron fence model.

9. You can also build a house fence model with walls in some parts and then the rest is covered with thin bamboo that is glued together.

10. Don’t complain if you only have old wood to use as a fence.

Doesn’t it matter if you have a small house but still use a fence as a barrier and decoration? No need for an iron fence, this minimalist home fence design can be adjusted to the size plus the budget you have. Of these many examples, which cheap and decorative fence will you choose for your dream home later?